Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Perfect Eyebrows!

EYEBROWS! An easy way to keep up on the brows in between waxes! Let's get rid of 
over plucking! Too much left is way better than too much gone! 
You would need: 
-Hair cutting shears (All I had at the moment was big scissors! 
Which worked fine for what needed to happen)
-Slanted tweezers
-Pointed tweezers
-An old cleaned or disposable mascara wand
-A brush that you will use for measuring 

Step One: 
Using the mascara wand, brush your hairs up so that you can see the length of the hairs. 
Not too much or else you will cut too much! 

Step Two:
Take the scissors and CAREFULLY cut the long ones that 
go above the normal curvature of the brow

Step Three: 
Take the slanted tweezers and tweeze the hairs that are in bunches 
that are not in the normal brow line. Grab them bunches at a time.

Step Four: 
Using the pointed tweezers, pluck the strays. 


Step Five: 
Using the brush, put the pencil on one side of your nose and 
anything on the other side of the brush needs to go. 

Step Six: 
Take the pencil and put it in the outer side of your iris 
and that is where the arch should begin

Step Seven:
Still using the brush, lay it along the curvature of where your 
eyelids meet and that is where it should stop

That's it! Happy plucking! 

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