Monday, January 9, 2012

State Map Display

So since I have lived in 4 different states yet I love them all.... I figured why not take a shot at one of the really awesome craft projects that I found on pintrest. HERE! But my own little spin since I didn't wanna go spend a bunch of money on the glass pane that is used here. All I did was get four small frames, that I already had luckily, and superglued the outer edges of the glass to the inner ledge of the glass and had my own makeshift window pane.

All you will need is
-Window Pane (or frames! Whatever you please)
-Printed out pictures of the states you want to use (I used this site for all the maps)
-Paintbrush (Sponge brush works best but I didn't have one at the current moment!)

1. If using frames, put superglue on the inner ledge of the frame and gently and carefully put the glass in and let it sit with the glass side up.

2. While those are setting, start cutting out your states!
      Just for fun, I took a sharpie and made hearts on all the places that I have lived

3. Once you are done cutting and the frames are dry you can start painting the mode podge the front of the states and then place them down where you want them, then put a heavy object down on top so it will stick. The drying might take 15-20 minutes.

4. Once they are almost dry, take the brush and lightly brush mod podge on the same side of the glass that the state is in going ONE DIRECTION! then let completely dry.

Then you should have something like this:

YAY! I will post another state map related craft soon!

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